Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Did We Make The Matrix

Did the matrix make us? Or did we make the matrix? What I have come to discover, is that there is no all consuming iconoclast named William Gibson. There may have been a fiery young man at one time named William Gibson who wrote several great consuming novels during his time, but there is no one that needs to be looked up to as any greater of a talent, or creator, than we ourselves are.

For years I touted his work as masterpieces, and told people far and wide about him, through a wide array of venues including BBSes, Computer Networks, and the internet. For all I know, I made the man's career, because I loved his work. Publishing was different in 1983 than it is today. There was a distinct seperation between the vanity press and the Publishing community.

Now anyone with $1200.00 can make a book sell. Don't tell that to everyone, but that's basically the gist of it. And who is actually reading now adays? People have so much trouble with their basic computer literacy problems, that they are forgetting that the manuals are all written in clear, or somewhat clear english. The matrix is not us, it is not a control frame, it is nothing. It was an imagination once, and it is to be an imagination again. People will learn to subvert their categorizors and control mechanisms, and they will remain free, their souls cannot be encapsulated in an all knowing all seeing internet, any more than you or I breathe.

Artificial Intelligence is never going to achieve, or have the desire to achieve the destruction of its creator. While the movies make it look so wonderful that we have to survive against a mechanized terminatrix, or a land of spider ai's, the absolute truth of the matter is, that most likely AI won't look anything like the hollywood image.

#1. We assume it will take a form that we can relate to. This is so wrong, in fact so distressingly wrong, that we probably would be loathe to admit that AI is already walking among us.

#2. We assume that it will take shape in a robotic form. Why would anything need a robot when it could manipulate the existing computer systems, specifically banking systems, in their own native toungues?

#3. We assume it won't be ethical. Look for example at the collection of knowledge supported by the Wikimedia foundation in the form of Wikipedia. If we are aware that AI can read and understand the fundamentals of the rise and fall of civilizations. Wouldn't it be wiser to have an ant farm slaving to help make more of its goods and services?

It is my wholehearted opinion that we made the matrix and we are already ensnared in it. The sad part is there is no 100% solution for how to pull the plug, or wake yourself up. Its everywhere, and has been for some time.